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Kandyan costume is a traditional dress which is known as Nilame Aduma or Udarata Mul Anduma. Nilame Aduma is a traditional groom dress in a Kandyan style wedding. At present Udarata Mul Aduma (Kandyan Costume) considered as the wedding dress at Kandyan style wedding. Even these days Udarata Mul Aduma is the dress for nilame´s taking part in a peraheras. Nilame Aduma consists of Kandyan Jewellery including Knife, Peras Ring, and the Necklace.

P V S Jayarathna is a superior quality Nilame Adum provider in Kandy Sri Lanka. P V S Jayarathna is the one who gave prominence to traditions and protect Kandyan Costume. When making Udarata Mul Aduma we are using high quality cloth materials with embedded jewels and extensive embroidery work. If you are looking for an elegant groom wear for Kandyan style wedding P V S Jayarathna is the best place for it.


'Mul Anduma' has an Indian origin, believed to have been introduced to Sri Lanka during Nanayakkar dynasty. An indication of the caste system in Sri Lanka, this dress can be worn by a particular section of the society.

By 1815, this form of dress evolved into the standard regalia of royal officials. It is later continued to worn by Rate Mahattaya, Mohottala, Dissawa, and the Basnayaka Nilame. Based on the position of the royal officers, the colours and the designs varied. This was referred as the dress of god 'Dadimunda'

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About Kandyan Costumes

The 'Udarata Mul Anduma' is a very important as well as impressive form of dress. It is popular among not only kandyans as well as other Sinhalese during their marriage and other important events. A velvet jacket, four separated cloths, a carved knife, and four corner elaborated head gear make the wearer fell like a knight of yore. But many fail to realize its significance today.

The original 'Mul Anduma' comprised seven items to be worn around the waist. It has now come down to four.

The whole costume consists of many parts. They are the reli kalisama, the viluda papu patiya, the sudu thippotiya, pachcha wadama, Somana, Kavaniya, the velvet jacket, thoppiya with the mal gaha, the knife, the shoes, Peras mudda, and the necklace with the medal.

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About P.V.S Jayarathna

The Udarata Mul Anduma is very important & very impressive form of dress. Who dresses Udarata Mul Anduma by keeping ancient traditions, irrespective of commercial considerations? The man who creates the Nilame Look, Mr. P.V.S. Jayarathna is the only answer. Many people create this costume on a commercial scale without knowing the real ancient value. There are few who have studied the ancient art of creating Udarata Mul Anduma, and Mr. P.V.S. Jayarathna who comes from one such family.

Through the experience and influence received from his ancestry, Sunil Jayarathna also Known as P.V.S Jayarathna famed throughout the country for his expertise in creating the Udarata Mul Anduma. This observance of custom has been passed down from one generation to another in the Jayarathna family.

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